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  • Rose Shannonn

5 Songs I Love w/ Sam Cortez

Following the release of his project 'Feel My P.A.I.N', we caught up with Sam Cortez and asked him about his top 5 tracks and why. Find out below:

1. Lil Wayne- Fireman ( This was one of the top songs of his 'Tha Carter II' album which will forever be a classic. Lil Wayne is my favourite rapper of all time and I remember towards the end of my Primary school leading to Secondary school when this song came out, I was in love with the song, video & overall flow which is where my dream of being a rapper like Lil Wayne aka Weezy F Baby began from).

2. Kanye West- Can't Tell Me Nothing ( I remember being in Secondary School when this song dropped off his greatest album which is the 'Graduation' this song really boosted my Ego back then and made Kanye West one of my Favourite rappers of all time. The video was Amazing and the overall production & lyrical content of the song was mind-blowing. 

3, Jay Z & Linkin Park- Numb/Encore This song will forever be a classic till this day & it gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it and personally is one of Jay-Z's greatest songs. 

I remember when it came out when I was in primary school & me & all my mates rapping along. It used to make my dream & get inspired to be successful like Jay-Z.

4. 50 Cent- What Up Gangsta Now this song definitely influenced me in a different way back in Primary school as I got into a lot of trouble because of it LOL. My older cousins back then put me onto 50 Cent's music and every time I heard 'What Up Gangsta' i always wanted to fight & hit someone especially in school. 50 Cent was just the man back then & everyone wanted to be Bad like 50.

5. Rick Ross- Aston Martin Music Ft Drake & Chrisette Michele This song will forever be 'Timeless' & personally is Rick Ross best song for me. Also, I remember when this dropped when I was in Secondary school which is also when my love for Aston Martin cars started. Everything about this song inspired me down to the video and that was the Year 'Drake' was in his prime too in terms of his Lyrical contents/abilities. 

Listen to Sam's latest project 'FEEL MY P.A.I.N' below:



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