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5 Songs I Love w/ Scott Benjamin

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Passionate musician Scott Benjamin has unveiled his entrancing new track 'Drive'. The tantalising alt-rock track shows off Scott's unique style that we're intrigued to know more about.

Have a listen to some of Scott's favourite tracks below and you'll be sure to be into 'Drive', which you can listen to at the end of the post.

1. The Avalnaches “Since I Left You”

When I first heard this song the first thought that came to mind was this must be a lost track of The Jackson 5. But upon listening a bit closer to the drum track I realized that it must have been recorded this century. Nevertheless, I think that it epitomizes the essence of “Lo-Fi” music which in many ways I prefer to the rapdily dismissed battle for volume and crispiness in the past decade that actually bothered my ears and so I stayed clear of a lot of newer music. However, Hip-Hop, or whatever it is called today has remained in production value somewhere between the two which is a great compromise and will hopefully trend in other genres of music.

2. Sly and the Family Stone “A Family Affair”

First off, this is the discoteque version of the song which is a few minutes longer. I love this track for the simplified but richly textured overall mix of the song. And, the lead vocals sound like he is singing out of a small tube guitar amp which I think is “dynomite”. My favorite part of it is the message and I can recall driving around the ruins Minneapolis a year or so ago and when this song came on I saw as clear as day, but in my mind, all the people with their varying races, genders, ages-EVERYONE falling out into the street and dancing to the music: Together.

3. Tom Waits “Johnsburg, Illinois”

I need to mention Waits since most folks who hear my music say that I sound like him. Personally, I don't hear it but I get it. I chose this particular video because to really get the full Waits experience, you must see him live. This is the most beautiful love song I have ever heard because the lyrics are so detailed and specific that I had to be written by someone truly in love. At the same time, it will trigger the listener's own memories of the times they were truly in love whether it is the one that got away or the one who's here to stay.

4. Ry Cooder “Paris, Texas” “I Knew These People”

This is a bonus review because it is not of an actual song off of this Ry Cooder soundtrack but it stands on its own as a beautiful piece of work while also drawing attention to the rest of the album which is the coolest music. Also, I see a pattern here of videos about unknown cities in the U.S. So, this starts out with Harry Dean Stanton sitting in one of those peep show booths where he can see Nastassja Kinski but she cannot see him. I don't wish to spoil it, but there is a point in it where the listener knows without a doubt when she realizes who he is. I love soundtrack music because it is so often the unsung hero of a movie; a sort of audio wallflower. I think the reason so many of my songs do not resemble one another in style is because I am very conscious of the music being a part of the story as opposed to just sitting behind it.

5. Amy Whinehouse “Tears Dry On Their Own”

This video is sweet on a few levels. But, it really does show how Amy did not believe that she was anything special in the sense of being more important or better than anywhere else. It is almost as if she walked that route daily but without the cameras. I am very attracted to that classic Motwon Lo-Fi sound overall. At the same time it will stand up and over many songs being produced today on the opposite spectrum of sound color. And, she is sexy as f#$%!

Thanks for listening! Now time to check out 'Drive' by Scott Benjamin:


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