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5 Songs I Love w/ scxtty

Shining light in the pop-punk scene, scxtty has dropped his forth track of the year, the endlessly catchy 'Red Camaro'. Playing heavily into the infectious vibes of the early 00s, scxtty pays homage to the greats of his genre while simultaneously creating a track dripping in modern stylings.

We caught up with scxtty earlier this week to find out his favourite five songs...

Samia - Is There Something In The Movies

I have been listening this song on repeat for the past year. I discovered Samia and really just fell in love with her music. There are no skips on her album The Baby and this song has gotten me through some tough times. I thought about getting the main hook tattooed on me but that’s still a work in progress. The song is just extremely relaxing and beautiful. I’m seeing her live next week and am fully prepared to cry my eyes out and I can’t wait.

Panic At The Disco - Northern Downpour

This is my favourite song of all time. I have “I know the worlds a broken bone, but melt your

headaches call it home” tattooed on my body because that lyric really means a lot to me. I

always found comfort in the song. The lyrics and melody are just extremely beautiful. The

song makes me want to stay young forever and adventure and do crazy things while I still

can at the age of 23. Panic was the first band I ever listened to and really played a big role on

how I write songs lyrically and melodically.

All Time Low - Somewhere In Neverland

This was the first song I ever learned on the guitar. All Time Low was also the band I

saw live. I just remember seeing them perform at the age of 16 and going this is what I

want to do for a living. The way Alex interacted with the crowd and the energy the crowd

gave back gave me goose bumps. This song is also a banger and makes me want to jump

around in my bedroom acting like I’m playing a sold out show. This band really was the start for me and influenced how I write chords to songs and influenced me to write pop

punk style songs because of how much I enjoy this genre.

Alexander 23 - IDK You Yet

This song just messes me up. I discovered Alexander over quarantine and went through a

really rough time. Relationships ending and staying inside was quickly taking a toll on

me and then I heard this song. I immediately related to it and made me feel not alone. The

song is a beautiful disaster. It melts my heart and really hurts to listen to because of how

honest and raw the emotions are. I’m making it sound like this song is bad but it’s just a

beautiful sad song. I’m also seeing Alexander 23 next month and like Samia, I am very

ready to cry the whole show.

Phoneboy ft Justin Magnaye - Nevermind

This song has been on repeat since I first heard it. My band was lucky to play a show

with Phoneboy and let me tell you, these boys are the next big thing. Every song is an

instant banger. Justin as well is an incredible singer and song writer. I was lucky to write

with him the other day and just being able to glance behind the curtain was a crazy

experience. The guy has a voice of an angel. I listen to this song when I’m driving usual

so I can scream it at the top of my lungs and feel like the main character. The song just

doesn’t slow down or get dull, it’s just a really good, feel good song.

Listen to scxtty's new single 'Red Camaro' here...

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