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5 Songs I Love w/ Teagan Johnston

Following the release of Teagan Johnston's emotive new ballad 'Blue Monday', we caught up with the artist to find out more about the songs she loves and the meaning behind why. If you love the tracks below, be sure to check out 'Blue Monday'!

1. Sparkle Horse - Gold Day

This song makes me feel big things. I find the melancholy and joy captured in the ambience of this song nearly overwhelming. The first time I listened to this song I was on a bus on my way to work and the sun was setting and it made me cry. I think any song that makes me cry should probably make it into a top five.

2. Songs: Ohia - Farewell Transmission

This song also made me cry the first time I heard it for very similar reasons. Somehow this song just sounds like “trying” to me. I heard it for the first time at the very beginning of the pandemic and it quickly turned into some sort of strange anthem for me in periods of isolation.

3. Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive

When I'm not listening to really sad slow music I absolutely love disco. I will Survive is probably one of the songs I most wish I wrote. It is so powerful and joyful yet melancholy and raw. I have spent many many nights dancing alone in various living rooms to this song.

4. Elliott Smith - The Biggest Lie

Elliott Smith in my opinion is the original king of emo and will forever be the music I turn to when I need a shoulder to cry on. The Biggest Lie was a song I listened to a lot in highschool and remains one of my favorites of his work.

5. Emily Haines - Our Hell

Emily Haines’s music is perhaps the music I most identify with in my own writing. Our Hell is off of her record Knives Don’t Have Your Back which is nearly exclusively piano and vocal based with a strong focus on lyrics. The ability in this song, much like others on my list, to sound both earth shatteringly sad but also hopeful makes me feel some kind of way.

Teagan Johnston - 'Blue Monday':

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