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5 Songs I Love w/ Ten Hawkins

Ten Hawkins, the exceptionally talented rising star from Saluda, South Carolina, has released his brand-new album, The Manuel Garcia Chronicles. This electrifying collection of tracks follows the success of his previous single, “Pump 3”, and marks a significant milestone in Hawkins' musical journey.

From his early days jamming to the beats of iconic artists such as 69 Boyz, Uncle Luke, R. Kelly, Michael Jackson, 2Pac, Biggie and DMX with his mother, to crafting his own rap verses in the third grade, Ten Hawkins has been immersed in music his entire life. His commitment to the craft and his unyielding passion for contributing to the culture he loves shine through in every note of The Manuel Garcia Chronicles.

With such great musical talents, we wanted to delve into the music Ten listens to. Here are 5 songs he loves and why...

J. Cole – "Love Yourz"

This song is just a constant reminder to be happy with life no matter what position you are in because it could be worse.

King Von – Demon

When people hear demon they think evil entity, but in this context for me this just means the harsh realities we go through often times turn us cold, and we either let that define us or we do something about it.

Jay-Z – 4:44

Jay showed vulnerability to his wife was on this song. It showed that although us as men have a certain persona to uphold, we can admit guilt and show appreciation for our women.

Drake – Shot For Me

It’s nothing more victorious than proving everybody wrong even if it took a while for it to happen, it happened and now they have to live with that.

Ten Hawkins – Pump 3

Everyone needs that moment of separation from this reality even if it’s only for a few minutes. This song shows that it’s okay to have that moment, reflect and regroup to keep going forward.

Listen to Ten Hawkins' new album The Manuel Garcia Chronicles below:

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