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5 Songs I Love w/The Flavours

Following the release of their latest single 'Other Song' we caught up with Irish 4-piece The Flavours to find out more about what influences their eclectic sound. If you enjoy any of the band's picks below, be sure to check out 'Other Song' at the end of the article.

1. YEBBA - My Mind

Ella: "I love this song not only for the music but for this video - in this performance you can tell that this song was written with such emotion. The recording is of a very intimate performance and has made me cry!"

2. Marc Rebillet - Another Idea

JD: "I picked this song in particular because I think it’s a great example of using technology and experimentation to create something complex and interesting out of a simple idea. It’s also very groovy and the fact that most of the work is improvisational still blows my mind."

3. Ocean Alley - Deepest Darkness

JR: "The song evokes feelings of escape and freedom that very few other songs have unlocked within me. I could quite happily listen to this song and only this for the rest of time."

4. Steely Dan - Kid Charlemagne

JP: "I am a huge fan of Steely Dan, and a huge fan of this album - my girlfriend actually bought me an original copy from some vinyl shop in Holland. Kid Charlemagne happens to be one of my favourite songs of all time - it's got some ridiculously good guitar solos choreographed in it as well!"

5. Amy Winehouse - Back To Black

The Flavours: "We used to play a lot of cover gigs when we were younger and were forever getting sick of the songs that were in the set. We never got tired of Back To Black though - it's a great song from a class album. It's a great example of a modern album that blurs the line between modern production and classic R'n'B and Soul records, which we love. This song represents something that has stuck with us right since the very beginning of us playing music together, which documents our own journey as a group."

Listen to The Flavours 'Other Song'

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