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5 Songs I Love w/ The Fur

Following the release of The Fur's new single 'Miracle X', we caught up with the artist to gain some insight into the influences that make up their unique sound. If you like their choices, be sure to check out the new track at the bottom of the page.

Madonna - Like a prayer

I've always loved this song for its ecstatic, over-the-top attitude. Together with Earth song by Michael Jackson, Like a prayer is a major source of inspiration for Miracle and Miracle X. The bass riff in the outro is so insanely good. I don't know how many times I've asked bass players to play something like that, and they're like "well ok... I'll do my best".

The Weeknd - In your eyes

One of the best songs from recent years. I was stunned when I heard it the first time. I was like "What? Can music be fun again?". It's so generous and brilliant in its simplicity. And I'm proud to say that a bunch of close friends are contributing on the record. Nils-Petter Ankarblom who arranged the horns is the same NPA who did my release "Americana NPA remix". Mattias Bylund who also did arranging and recorded many of the instruments on In your eyes has contributed on several of my tracks, and Wojtek Goral who is playing the sax-solo is also playing a sax-solo on my next tracks which comes out in early 2023.

Marvin Gaye - Inner city blues

This is how I got to know GET UP Soul Choir. They made an amazing rendition of this song in a production we both worked on. We became friends and then we ended up releasing Miracle X together. If I had to choose just one aspect of being The Fur that I value the most it is this one: the possibility to meet wonderful people, get amazed, hook up and create music together. That's what it's all about, folks!

Lady Gaga - Joanne

I listened to this A LOT when it came out. For my own journey it was interesting to hear an artist going so lo-fi and acoustic after having done electronic and super produced songs for so long. I try to give all my songs an organic and acoustic feel even though I produce music in genres where so much is usually done by computers. But I have never enjoyed the sound of machines, I prefer things that have life in them. To me there is a very clear distinction between using the computer as a place where you can organize your sounds, or using the computer as an instrument in itself. The ear gets bored so quickly if your sounds lack soul. But I am still discovering my route here, to do electronic music that sounds and feels organic. It's super fun!

Noah Cyrus - I just want a lover

For no special reason, other than that it happens to be my favorite track at this very moment. I just never get bored of listening to music. If I've been in the studio the whole day, the first thing I do when I leave is to put on my headphones and listen to some awesome songs on my way home haha. The lyrics of this song are just amazing, by the way. And speaking of acoustic electronic music, she does some really cool vocal chopping style singing in the chorus, so it seems someone is on to the same idea...


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