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5 Songs I Love w/ Theo Ogundipe

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Theo Ogundipe has just dropped his philosophical rap track 'Plato Freestyle. The unique and impactful new single got us wondering what some of Theo's favourite music out there might be, so we found out! Check out 5 tracks below hand picked by Theo and watch the new music video for 'Plato Freestyle'

Tems - Free Mind

Tems is an artist that has taken the world by storm and has made a serious impression on me. She is a Nigerian artist and so my country woman, and I hear our culture our melodies our cadences and rhythms in her music and her vocal deliveries. I always feel at home when I listen to her. Her voice is so unique and even more so her melodic choices are so unique, I adore her vocal choices. This song 'Free Mind' has been a song for the past year I have had on repeat, often times 3 or 4 times in a row. I cannot get enough of this song. Listening to it is peace for me.

Kendrick Lamar - Heart PT 5

Kendrick is one of my favourite artists. I love his pen game, and even more so the integrity behind his pen. It feels like every bar, every sentence and every word he writes has a purpose.

I enjoy the artistic approach he takes to his vocal choices and delivery also. The different pitches and vocal tones he observes throughout songs. I am a HUGE fan of the heart series!!! I have listened to all of them multiple times over the years!! They have been groundbreaking, to say the least, and this recent instalment heart part 5 is no exception. Lyrical mastery at its height expressing DEEP truth. With an inspiring vision, and an insane beat, sampling one of my favourite songs Marvin Gaye's 'I want you'. The perfect song!

Cesária Evora - petit pays

I recently was introduced in the last couple of years to Cesària's work by Spotify random shuffle. This song changed things for me. I really enjoy South American music, and some friends over the years have pointed me to bossa nova. When I heard Cesaria sing I was hooked, her vocal is so easy and smooth. Every line she sings is FULL of so much character!! I especially enjoy how she slides from note to note, her voice is just one of a kind and a real instrument.

I love the song ' Petit Pays', another song that I listen to sometimes on repeat 3 and 4 times. This song is a world I live in frequently!!!!

Donny Hathaway - Love Love Love

Donny is one of my heroes! He is one of the few male singers I really look up to. I think he is one of the greatest vocalists of all time. The things he does and could do with his voice, I study him and to this day still don't understand. The way he journeys through a song and story tells with his vocal dynamism is second to none. Listening to Donny for me is like a movie! Once again this song 'Love, Love, Love' is a song I listen to on repeat! If I had to choose it is my favourite song of his. I think this song is perfect! If I could be half the singer Donny was one day, I would consider myself accomplished. Donny's musicianship needs to be mentioned as well his writing is beautiful! I adore the individuality of his melodic choices and the range in his songs.

Stevie Wonder - Golden Lady

I always tell people Stevie Wonder is my musical Father. He changed my life. As a young person during very tough times at home, I would listen to Stevie on the way to and from school. He showed me truly what art could do in every respect. What stellar writing was and why, what masterful production was, what true vocal mastery was. I was overwhelmed as a child by his music, sometimes brought to tears by his music. I would say he changed my life because as a kid going through tough times when I listen to his music I heard and felt nothing but beauty. Listening to him I was reminded, even in the bleakest of times there was still infinite beauty in the world. This was and still is a gift. He has too many songs to even have favourited it's impossible. But I have chosen Golden Lady because I think it's a great example of the cosmic levels of creativity in every area of music-making. Again it's another perfect song! I love Stevie and he is a huge influence on me as an artist.

Watch the music video for 'Plato Freestyle' below:


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