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5 Songs I Love w/ Tyrin

We sat down with Tyrin after the release of his stellar new tune 'What I Feels Like', to discuss what influences shaped his unique sound. Be sure to check out the single at the bottom and follow him on socials!

Honey - Samia

It's all goddamn honey. This song gives me carefree vibes in the best way possible and is one of many of her songs that have influenced me in some way shape or form. I've also gotten the opportunity to be able to see her perform it live and it brought my love for the song to a whole other level. She creates the exact vibe you feel when you're listening to the song on your own and when youre watching it be performed live in a crowd full of people.

I Miss You - Blink 182

This song got me through a lot as a kid and when I first heard it I thought the song was really only a minute and a half long despite how much I felt during that first listen through. But it's actually almost a four minute long song and I couldn't believe how short it felt. I think it was so intense because it was a song I needed to hear at the time and it was my first experience feeling so much in what I thought was such a short amount of time. Definitely something I really do admire that they were to do with this record.

Acid Rain - Chance the rapper

This whole entire mixtape pretty much kicked my want to make my own music into overdrive. But I wrote and recorded one of my first songs on this beat and I remember being on a school trip to Cuba writing to it every chance I got. Getting back home I recorded it immediately, definitely took me a couple days cause I was extremely new to recording anything. But I was proud of what I had made even though I knew it didn't come out good at all. Ya gotta start somewhere.

Body - Briston Maroney

This is a song I've had on repeat more recently. Pretty much everything about it gives off such a live in the moment vibe for me especially the lyrics. It's a song that when it's stuck in my head for days and it doesn't get old without a doubt something I hope to be making for everybody.

That’s What You Get - Paramore

I have so many core memories listening to this song with my cousin screaming the lyrics and acting out the music video as if it was ours. I'll never forget those times and wont forget the feeling of how bad i wanted to be in a band, write songs, make music videos etc etc and that always stuck with me. Whenever it comes on im taken right back to that moment and its god damn amazing every time

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