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  • Alice Smith

5 Songs I Love w/Working Class Hussys

Following the release of visuals for their latest single 'Beliefs' taken from their recent EP, 'EP1', we were keen to find out more about what inspires Americana/Rock band ‘Working Class Hussys’ sound. Check out their handpicked tracks and be sure to view 'Beliefs' at the end of this piece.

1. Black Oak Arkansas… Live at Royal Albert Hall

"I love people who innovate and inspire. I think these guys were highly underrated- never quite gaining the traction of fellow, southern rock-branded bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd. Nonetheless, you can see the enormous influence that lead singer, Jim Dandy later had on David Lee Roth’s look and performance in Van Halen."

2. Canned Heat… Time Was

"I relate to Canned Heat’s Alan Wilson on a personal level more than an other artist. I feel he

was one of those super-creative introverts whose personality conflicted with his ability to

express himself in a truly uninhibited manner- which ultimately led to his demise; he was

one of the first-and least known- members to join the infamous “27 Club” in late summer,


One of the reasons I chose this particular song is to highlight the top-tiered musicianship of

bands like this from that era. Most notably, pay attention to the bass line running through

this song (played by bassist, Larry “The Mole” Taylor). Seriously! Who plays like that

anymore? And why not?!!"

3. Led Zeppelin… Ten Years Gone

"What more can anyone say about this one? Put on some headphones, close your eyes

and just take it all in. I feel a thump hit my heart every time Jimmy squeals into that first

guitar solo."

4. Lynyrd Skynyrd… Simple Man

"The greatest 3-chord song ever written. Hands down! Again, as I touched on before; what often gets overlooked with a lot of rock bands from this era is their phenomenal musicianship. I’m not saying it was never appreciated, but it’s just not something that most fans aren’t consciously aware of- especially when they think of a band with such a rowdy reputation. Behind it all, they were absolute consummate professionals when it came to knowing their instruments and how it all fit together in order to produce timeless classics such as these."

5. Beastie Boys… Sabotage

"I just love this video. Plain and simple. I think it has to be in the top 5 greatest of all

time, as far as music videos as an art form and entertainment are concerned. The

Beastie Boys were a fun band that never seemed to take themselves too seriously, and I

think that’s never more apparent than in this spoof of the 1970s, television cop drama.

So well done."

Watch Working Class Hussys 'Beliefs'



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