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5 Songs to Stay Grounded w/ James Laurent

James Laurent's new single 'Metamorphosis is one of his most personal tracks yet, reflecting on his individual growth and life lessons. We caught up with the rising punk rock star to find out what 5 songs he recommends to stay grounded.

Kyle - Keep It Real

Since the day I first heard this song I knew it was something special. It struck a chord deep within me even before I started creating my own music. It took me quite a few years to slowly learn who I was and exactly how big of a role authenticity was going to play in my life. No matter what situation I find myself in, this song helps me maintain myself.

Denzel Curry - This Life

In the infancy of my music career this song was the one I held the highest. Every person around me was against my music and told me to be realistic. I felt like I was the only person who saw the vision of what I knew could be. Denzel Curry perfectly encapsulated the feelings I felt of making life changes in order to achieve my dreams while the others around me stayed stagnant.

Brakence - rosier/punk2

This song (really this entire album) is in my opinion one of the greatest I have ever listened to. Brakence and I share similar vocal ranges and I have used this album to practice my falsetto and learn to control my higher vocal range. I also fell in love with Brakence’s production and clean mix of electronic and alternative. His whole album punk2 is in my opinion an absolute game-changer with no skips from start to finish.

Lil Peep - The Brightside

Lil Peep is the one artist I can genuinely say saved my life. I have his name tattooed across my collarbones. This song was always one of my personal favorites. In my darkest of times it never fails to help me see the light of my situations. When my career advanced to the point I met his engineer and one of his regular producers Bighead, it was an eye opening moment to me. I truly miss Lil Peep every day.

Opus Monik - Waves

This song is as you can tell, quite different from the others. It plays a gigantic, yet completely opposite role in my life than the rest I listed. This song is my meditation song, the one I put on when I need to sit down and journal out my thoughts and feelings. A nice joint, dim lighting, my leather notebook, and this track. Without this song I don’t think I would mentally be in the place I am today. I owe a lot of serenity to this song.

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