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5 Songs We Love w/The Let Go

Indie-pop duo The Let Go is the clique everyone wants to be a part of. Hailing from Washington D.C. and now based in Liverpool, UK, the pair takes 80's dance beats and catchy synth lines and brings them to the modern ear. As a little initiation into the clique, they've compiled their top 5 songs they are in love with right now for your listening pleasure!

1) Nikes On - Healy

This song is so easy listening, and really makes us think of summer. Down to each

sound he uses and the quirky lyrics, the song overall gives off warm vibes. We love the vocal

production and hook.

2 ) Watermelon Man - Herbie Hancock

May seem like a word choice, but this song always seems to be on in our living room in

the morning. Honestly gets us motivated, and it overall makes you feel good inside. Its a great

refresher and wakes you up nicely with a coffee for sure.

3) Woman - Little Simz

This song is nothing but sick. Little Simz gives off such a cool vibe, her instrumentation is

insane, and her messages are so important. This is her newest track and we fall in love with it

more and more every time we listen to it.

4) Frankie Muniz - BLACKSTARKIDS

Like Nikes On, this song gives us such strong feelings of summer. Such a great hook,

and the lyrics are so quirky and fun. They're a new upcoming group and deserve so much more hype! Love them and this warm tune.

5) Triple Double - Jean Dawson & A$AP Rocky

This song came out awhile ago, but Jean Dawson is another artist coming up that we

love. His production is so sick and different. The melody is so catchy, and is definitely a drive at night type of song. It’s definitely on our bucket list to work with him one day.

Don't forget to check out their new single "marie" out now!

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