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5 Songs We Love w/ Dawn Chorus

Dawn Chorus are an atmospheric indie rock trio out of Salt Lake City, UT. With the release of their new single 'Modern Being' we wanted to know about the songs that most inspire the band.

You can listen to 'Modern Being' HERE


1. Heysátan - Sigur Rós

Heysátan by Sigur Ros always puts me in the mood I enjoy the most. It's sort of a mix of melancholic and optimistic and it's where I feel the most alive and inspired. This live version in particular is so impactful. Jonsi nails the notes in this version with this tremble in his voice at 2:55 that makes me FEEL. It's about an old man who has worked his farm his whole life and knows death will come soon, but he has accepted it. And the simplicity of the allegory: gathering hay, getting angry and striking it only for it to blow away and gather it again. Just such a good end to an album. This came out around when my dad died and I didn't want to go home, so I would listen to this album and drive up and down PCH. And this song gave me a lot of peace.

2. Paradise Circus - Massive Attack

Paradise Circus by Massive Attack always hits me in the feels too. The repetition and crescendo are absolutely phenomenal. I was in rehab when this came out, and I had finally earned privileges to go rent CDs from the library. I picked this album up and it was everything I needed at that moment. This song in particular was so life affirming in this bittersweet/dark way. I had been through this terrible rough patch of life and I was acknowledging it and moving on.

3. God Only Knows - The Beach Boys

The arrangement is fantastic, the changes are rich and sophisticated ( perfect ), and it has a wonderful atmosphere that's all its own.

It's intricately woven into so many memories of mine, and it truly broadened my musical world in a lot of ways. It's the harmony - all these years later and I'm still in awe.

4. Love More - Sharon Van Etten

My first time hearing this song I was going through a break-up and it was incredibly powerful to me. It still reminds me of how I felt at that moment, undoubtedly sad yet hopeful.

5. Dinah (Take 2) - Thelonious Monk

One instrument does all the speaking on this track and shows how impactful music can be stripped down. This song really demonstrates how uplifting and happy music can be and always cheers me up

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