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5 Songs We Love w/ Boxteles

Having just released their groundbreaking new EP 'Break Ups, Bevs & Thinking Ahead', Boxteles are the UK's freshest new rock band looking to cause a stir - and they're doing just that. Their pop-punk mixed with good old fashioned indie rock is sure to be a fan favourite for all, as well as a nostalgic trip back to those Sum 41 days we all know we have missed so much.

We caught up with the Huddersfield quartet, to discover their top 5 tracks they all love and cherish, and there's quite a mixture...

Madonna - Like A Prayer (Rex)

I could pretend to be all cultured and pick a Beatles song, some Dylan, Bowie or Queen but that would be a lie. My pick for my favourite song of all time (as of today) is ‘Like A Prayer’ by Madonna. It may not be the most obvious choice, there’s no mind-blowing guitar solos or heart wrenching lyrics but I had to ask myself, what song would I be requesting after one too many beers at a wedding evening do. That to me is the real sign of a fan favourite. It’s gloriously catchy, the intro vocals are amazing, and it’s got a bloody choir! What more could you want?! So, for me, Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ is the most perfect pop song ever written and no one can change my mind.

Wolf Alice - The Last Man On Earth (Ryan)

I’ve opted for a track I’m crazy about right now as I’d take me days scrawling through the discographies of Kings of Leon, The Strokes, Biffy Clyro, Arctic Monkeys, Dave and so on to whittle it down to even a list of 10. Blue Weekend is an LP that’s certainly a contender for album of the year for me, but I single out ‘The Last Man on Earth’ because for me it just has everything that lead singles tend to be missing these days. It’s a song with patience, allowing itself time to build from a delicate, intimate first act all the way through to its grand, cinematic conclusion. It’s sense of drama, soundscapes and textural variance is masterful in my eyes and it, along with the rest of the album, will always be associated with the first tastes of freedom we emerged to back in the Spring, and of course all of the car journeys that came with it.

Blink 182 - I Miss You (Will)

This song (and band) sparked my interest in music and was the soundtrack to my teenage years. Blink have always encapsulated the joy and fun of my youth, but 'I Miss You' is one that really connects to the little emo inside. Even through my "weird" phases, from metal to drum and bass, nothing stuck quite as well. Now, after studying and discovering a love of music production, this song is truly perfect to me. Everything is crystal clear. The drum beat rolls as smooth as silk and the minimal instrumentation leaves no room for confusion. It's honest and to the point and it will never not hit the spot. Plus "WHERE ARR YOOW AND OYM SOW SOOREEE".

Doves - Black And White Town (Tom)

Although, a seldom seen nomination for the favourite song list, when people have asked over the years, this has always been my answer to the age-old question. The reason being, since hearing it for the first time (surprisingly in my early twenties) I have always thought that it summed up small town living. With themes of escapology, fear of the unknown and knowing that the grass is greener, without always seeing it, it is a song that I attached myself to from the first play. To this day it is still played regularly in the Bedford household.

Lit – My Own Worst Enemy (Band)

For the last song on our list, we decided to pick it as a band. Over the years, our sound has slowly changed and there are various factors that have influenced the shift in style. Factors like the leaving of members and the joining of others, growing up and our music tastes maturing, the friends we keep and the places that we find ourselves (mainly dive bars at four in the morning!). We now find ourselves releasing our debut E.P. that we think can be compared to bands such as The Wombats and Arctic Monkeys just as much as it takes influence from the likes of Green Day, Weezer and Lit. In our eyes, ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ is the kind of music that we try to imitate. It’s poppy, punky and perfect in every way. It has the sing-along chorus, the heavy drums and the simple-yet-dirty riff. This is a song that we wish we had written ourselves and one that will be remembered forever.

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