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5 Things I Love about Amman, Jordan w/ Llunr

Amman based artist Llunr has always created music that stems from experience. Connecting with his audience through his storytelling, every track adds to his beautiful artistic tapestry.

Recently dropping his latest release “young river”, the track is an enthralling slice of gentle indie from the singer songwriter. Making space for contemplation, the single is “a self reflective moment thinking about our lives and journey’s while staring at the universe”, Llunr offers. “The song is about those journeys and how young they are compared to the vast and ancient milky way.”

With more music to follow, we asked Llunr for 5 things he loves about his city. Tune in.

The People - There's something unique about walking/driving around the city and having the ability to have a genuine conversation with a random stranger who could potentially be related to you somehow! Here, it's less than 6 degrees of separation. We rarely just say "hi" when walking into a store or a cab or whatever. We automatically use the word "habibi". And that's truly something I haven't seen anywhere else. The people are truly beautiful, kind, peaceful, and friendly.

Traffic - No one likes traffic. I don't either, but something that gives Amman the "edge", is that we can communicate while driving without saying a single word. One honk can mean "yala" (come on/move!), 2 honks can mean "I'm about to pass you so caution!" One long honk, well, not something nice. Multiple honks following a certain "rhythm". We are definitely celebrating something! It's definitely a language of its own lemme tell you.

View Spots - The cool thing about living in Amman is that it's pretty hilly which means that there are certain spots where you can gaze at some of the most beautiful sunsets/sunrises. Even at night, if you get the chance to find a nice spot you could literally view parts of the city that look like shimmering stars on the ground.

The Markets - During particular seasons, you can literally find all types of fresh fruits and veggies sold on the side of the road. From mouth-watering watermelons, to ripe tomatoes, to golden carrots and a whole lot more! The best part? Negotiating the price you pay for them! Look, it's fun, but by the end of the day, you'll almost always get your money's worth.

The Music Scene - Look, the music scene isn't mature yet. However, there are brilliant up and coming artists that are changing that! The talent we have in the city is so underrated. New projects and artists are popping up everyday. Sometimes I hear stories of people sharing their music to people outside of the region, and their reactions are usually in disbelief that such talent doesn't have a spotlight shed on them. I'm honestly proud to be part of the developing scene. Being a part of the foundation of it's current growth is an honor on my part.

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