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5 Things I Love About Boston w/ Red Shaydez

With her latest single "They Call Me Shaydez" exuding confidence and musical prowess, Boston-born lyricist, filmmaker and public speaker Red Shaydez is an incredibly refined artist. The braggadocious banger is a timely introduction to the multifaceted performer, and with an early co-sign from MC Lyte and the release of her new album Feel The Aura, we're excited about what's in store.

We caught up with Red to ask what her 5 favourite things are from her city. Check them out below.

Though not shown nationally, we are a multicultural melting pot with many cultures.

I love our DIY culture. Nothing is handed to us, so we go out and get it ourselves.

We have an amazing art scene and vibrant community.

I love our Island Pride.

The Boston Art & Music Soul (BAMS) Fest held in Franklin Park (Pre-COVID). One of the best festivals I've ever attended and performed at.

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