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5 Things I Love About Brazil w/ Leo Varella

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Brazilian guitarist, singer and songwriter Leo Varella is a raw spirit in overdrive.


Influenced by 80’s Prince and Nile Rodgers’ style of guitar playing, Leo offers a fresh take on retro, nostalgic pop writing, but with an alternative edge - he skillfully blends the style with the moody vocals of the Seattle grunge scene and 90’s breakbeat instrumental loops to create a melting pot of nostalgic influences dotted with modern, catchy hooks and raw, visceral lyrical content.

Leo discovered his love for music as early as he started playing guitar at the age of 5: since then, he hasn’t stopped and kept developing his craft by navigating through all realms of music, with a particular interest in jazz, hip hop, rock, and Brazilian music.

Following the release of his latest single "Cold Sweats", we caught up with Leo and discussed the 5 things that he loves most about Brazil...


I love the music above everything, of course. I'm a huge fan of samba and everything that came from it. Bossa, pagode, etc."


"Nature is one of my favorite things about my country... so exuberant and rich. The island I'm from is incredibly beautiful and the beaches are stunning."


"Gotta love the food. Especially Northeastern food. It's very spicy, and I love seafood so it's the best combination. Love moqueca!"


"The people - Brazil is the most mixed country in the world and that's why we are warm. We have so many different types of people here."


"The history - it's a country that's been through different kinds of oppression throughout its whole history, and that's why I think the people are so free. I'm appreciative of what our people are shaped by."

Be sure to check out Leo's new single "Cold Sweats" below and follow him on Instagram!


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