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5 Things I Love About Cincinnati w/ Jess Lamb

In response to a year marked with isolation and polarity, Jess Lamb and The Factory find light even in the darkest of times. Recently celebrating the release of their latest studio album You Are , the collective created an empowering set of visuals for the project’s closing track, "Beautiful”. It's a celebration of love and community.

Based in Cincinnati, we asked Jess what her favourite things are about the city. Tune in.

The eclectic, local music scene - The artists in my Queen City are deep and collaborative. The "Midwest" politeness goes a long way, making it easier to network and vibe in this close nit, talented community.

Free Shows - You can hear music any day of the week in a plethora of venues throughout the Cincy area. Both local and national/international touring acts vibrate in anointed spots like MOTR Pub, Woodward Theatre, Southgate House Revival, Revel OTR, The Hub

(to name a few of my faves).

My Team - My entire support system lives close by. Our creative collective has grown to be a movement in this city. The Factory has produced and elevated all of our published music in Mt Auburn and Over-the-Rhine.

Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati - It is a tiny area north of downtown with cool small businesses and tasty local foods. You could walk through these authentic, historical streets and get all the feels. I would sing out into those OTR streets every night, as I was just truly finding my voice. The energy in this area is electric. It draws in those souls who love to create.

The Parks - I could stroll through the parks of Cincinnati all day long. I lovelovelove Eden Park - where you can experience the botanical gardens at Krohn Conservatory as well as the Cincinnati Art Museum and Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. It is the perfect place to breathe in, push out, be present.

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