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5 Things I Love About London w/ SEPHA

SEPHA's music is a statement of personal empowerment. Layering his rich production with elements of his Turkish heritage, his new single “U WANT SOMETHING” is the final installment from his sophomore album Alien and Connected.

“I wanted to make a light hearted and pastel toned video to complement and contrast with the subject matter of the song”, SEPHA explains.

Heightening the low slung grooves with a glitchy pastel paradise, “U WANT SOMETHING” is further indication of SEPHA’s ability to create intricate art and expansive soundscapes.

With his LP out now, we caught up with SEPHA to find out the best things about his city. Tune in.

Diversity - it's always rejuvenating being able to tube it 15 minutes and end up in a district with a completely different culture and community to the last, its like little diverse islands within one city.

The theatrical nature - even though Covid has made things a little quieter and more distant it's still a daily occurrence witnessing outlandish people doing mad things. It's an honest reflection of how mad human beings can really be in their own little quests for meaning.

Parks - pretty much every other street has a park or some sort of green space which has been really useful for wandering around in these downbeat times. Some of the parks are so pretty that they feel like mini escapes to some sort of beautiful countryside way outside the city. 

History - there are centuries of history and character on each street and it can be pretty overwhelming when you truly look into it

Since Covid a great deal of the 'city boys' have dispersed to the countryside and so no longer clutter the underground as densely as they did, with their irritating posh voices loudly shouting to ear pieces about speculative financial nonsense. The financial district is a ghostlier version of itself and this is more inspiring and relaxing to walk through. Hopefully one day it could be turned into an amusement park with an arts district and flats for the homeless. Or maybe a future museum depicting when civilisation gave alot of the highest wages to some of the least valuable/meaningful professions

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