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5 Things I Love About Miami w/ Teenear

Since the beginning of the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, many artists have begun to speak out to show their support. But very few have made an impact like Teenear has done with 'Free'.

The new track and visual represents a response to the protests that have swelled across the United States where protesters have come up against brutal and often heavy-handed tactics by law enforcement. And yet, the movement continues to grow. ‘Free!’ aims to highlight injustice as well as the perseverance and strength of black people in times of struggle.

But as a avid member of the Miami music scene, she also has a fond love for her home city so we asked her what five things best summed up her affection for the beach-side haven.


- The beaches, it’s nice to know have the beach to go to at really any moment.

-The Creativity from artist all around me, walk in an area like Wynwood you can’t help but be inspired.

-There’s just so much diversity. So many people and so many cultures.

-The colours, it’s not a gloomy place even it’s a rainy day, at some point you see the sun come out at some point and brighten it up.

-The people, everyone here is always in pursuit of a happy and meaningful life. I love the people of Miami.


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