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5 Things I Love About Paris w/ Khouba

Following the release of his music video to his latest track, 'Jonah Hill', we caught up with the talented artist, Khouba, and asked him about the first things he loves about his home town in Paris. Here's what he had to say below:

1. You know I’m from Tunisia originally so when I came here 5 years ago, I directly felt at home. That’s really weird to explain but this place really makes anybody feel like at home.

2. The city is a big hood, you know, it’s not like the « Emily in Paris » joint. We have a different view of the city but I wouldn’t change it for anything. You can see everything and do everything here. Like sometimes you don’t even have to leave your neighbourhood and it’ll feel like you did a world tour. 

3. Usually my day here before covid. Would be to wake up, hit the studio for some time, then go back to hang with the crew outside. After a long day in the studio I gotta have my Kebab you know. That’s one thing anybody should eat here at least once, a real Parisian kebab! 

4. If you come to Paris during normal times, You have to go out and see the nightlife man, that’s one thing you won’t find anywhere else. It’s really different. You’ll see the gangsters, the good rich kids, but everybody’s mixed at night you know. It’s a real melting pot. Gotta hit Parisian Clubs man, those parties are wild. 

5. Paris is really real you know. This place you see people from every walks of life here and that’s super inspiring. Real-life here is inspiring because I said earlier you can meet the gangsters, the rich kids, Asians, whites, blacks, Arabs, everybody. And that really gives me cultural wealth that I try to show in my music. You can hear Caribbean music, Afro, hip hop, Asian music, techno. Really Paris is an inspiring Melting pot.

Make sure to watch his latest music video 'Jonah Hill' below:

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