• bryony229

5 Things I Love About San Francisco w/ Jes Frances

Based in San Francisco, Jes Frances' path to pop stardom began from humble beginnings, avoiding the glitz and glamour of the industry to present herself as a truly authentic artist.

Her latest release “Lighthouse” is filled with soft string instrumentation and pulsing percussion as Jes’s rich vocals soar effortlessly across the glittering soundscape. With more music soon to follow, we caught up with Jes to find out the best things about her city. Tune in.

My family live here and it's so lovely to be close to them

The nature here is jaw droppingly beautiful and luscious

The fog rolling through the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset

The clean fresh air 

Driving in my car through Marin > SF > East Bay - clears my mind. The views of the city, nature and ocean are all breathtaking and humbling.