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5 Things That Inspire Me w/ Jovian

Jovian is an artist who doesn't stop grinding, music is his life, which is why he is so passionate about being in this industry.

By combining Californian vibes and hard-hitting raps in the track and then releasing a new visual that truly shows off what Jovian can do, it's clear to see his grind will take him places.

Speaking on the track and visuals and Jovian says “Better is about the constant struggle of being "too much" for someone. Consistently being my whole, true, most authentic self & women being overwhelmed by my vulnerability & emotional intelligence, hence ‘You like me better when I don't talk’”

We sat down and spoke to him about the five things that inspire him and he didn't disappoint.

1) First & foremost, Astronomy inspires me the most. All I’ve ever wanted to be is a star traveller & it bothers me that I literally cannot! I consider myself a very positive person so to tell me I “can’t” do something never sits well with me, but in this case I absolutely cannot be a star traveller so I do so through my art. If I were able to go to Jupiter &/or a distant solar system I’d choose that over making music anyday! What I love most is the idea of experiencing a new planet & seeing all the differences between it & Earth. The vastness of space is surreal.

2) Clothing is a huge inspiration to me. I used to have a clothing brand so clothing is very much a part of my code. I am a huge fan of what brands like Acne Studios, Raf Simons, & Margiela do & seeing their clothes, or wearing their clothes brings me so much appreciation & joy that I end up just wanting to create music to match the same feeling I get when putting their creations on me.

3) Film is very important to me, specifically the acting aspect of it. I went to school for acting for 11 years so my approach to music is the same approach an actor would have to a scene or a role. I am a fan of sharing complex emotions & states of vulnerability through my music & I attribute that to my background in acting & my love for film.

4) This is a bit more difficult for me to articulate, but the idea of the future version of me in the studio all day, everyday constantly creating efficiently & with the artists I want to work with really continues to support my commitment to success. This is the first place I’m publicly stating this, but I will have an entire project produced solely by Tyler, the Creator. That’s happening 100%!

5) Lastly, but of most importance is my ego. “Ego” is looked at as such a negative, but when it’s balanced & you have a good relationship with it, it is such a powerful thing. My ego is what drives me to want to be something more than a “local artist”. My ego is what stops me from being complacent or content. Ego, especially in HipHop & music in general, is needed to survive at times. My ego drives this hunger I have to become bigger than I ever thought possible. I can look you straight in the face & tell you I am better than Drake & I live like that each & everyday. Without ego, I’d feel satisfied with over 600,000 streams on my song “Timothée Chalamet”, but that’s nothing to me. I am grateful so many people are starting to care about me & my work. I am so grateful I have actual fans, but I was already living as if I had all those things to begin with so it doesn’t change the fact that there is more work to be done.

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