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5 Things That Inspire Me w/ AIVA

AIVA is an artist with an already impressive number of accolades to her name. The U.K based artist has released vocal packs used by producers world wide as well as a single with over 9 million streams. Already a renowned fixture of the London music scene, it is now her time to officially release the songs many have enjoyed live over the years.

Following the release of her tantalising new late night single 'Skin', we caught up with AIVA to discuss the 5 things that inspire her the most...

My family

My biggest inspiration is my family. They keep me grounded and motivated to keep being creative and doing what I love to do every single day.


Gratitude is the place in my mind where I begin and end my day. Being grateful for what I have and who I have in my life leaves me in an open space where I can be in the moment. This is one of the hardest things I’m still learning to do. To not worry about the future and not dwell in the past and live this very moment as it is.


I write about heartache a lot. I feel like overcoming obstacles in my life inspire me. Knowing that I can get through the pain and keep moving forward.


All of my lyrics are an honest autobiography of what I’ve been through and I feel as though being honest is a big inspiration in my writing. If I’ve been through something it is more than likely that someone else is also going through the same struggles and my biggest inspiration is making a difference through my lyrics and giving hope.


Faith is super important to me. It’s for the moments when I’m fully lost and for the moments that I’m over the moon happy. Trusting that there is a bigger reason as to why I write, why I face troubles and why I keep going. Taking that leap of faith is everything.

Check out AIVA's new single 'Skin' below:

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