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5 Things That Inspire Me w/ Ballast

Ballast, or as he is more commonly known to his friends, Oscar Manning, is a London based producer and singer with flare, charm and a keen eye for uplifting beats, which is why his latest track 'Spiders With Feelings' is one for the record books.

Ballast has been known for his dark and experimental creative flows, but we sat down with him to discuss what inspires him and what makes him tick as an artist.

1) Nature - I know it’s very cliche, but being inspired by nature is something that everyone can relate to. For me personally I grew up on camping trips and bush walks with my family, so the outdoors have always been a mental retreat for me where I can let my mind run free and relax. Especially having travelled all over Australia from a young age, it really makes me appreciate how diverse and unique my country is. It’s always been the perfect cure for any stress.

2) Steve Irwin - I don’t need to go into detail about this one, the guy is simply a legend. The way he fights so passionately towards what he believes in has inspired me since I was young to go out and pursue what I was put on this earth to do. Steve Irwin deserves his face on one of the dollar bills.

3) The Universe - I was a bit of a nerd for Physics in high school and I honestly found nothing more fascinating than space. The vastness and emptiness makes me feel so insignificant and lost but the beauty of it leaves me dazed every time I look up at night. There are so many theories and myths that are yet to be proven correct, simply because we just don’t know, and I find that quite enticing.

4) Superhero films - Superhero films are something that have always inspired me. Going to see the latest Iron-man or Spider-Man movie with my dad still excites me to this day, even as an adult. I love that feeling of walking out of the cinema after an inspiring action movie and feeling like you can take on the world.

5) My parents - Some of the best decisions of my life have come from my parents peer pressuring me into things I was feeling a little unsure about. A few years ago I worked down in the snow resorts here in Australia and had the most inspiring few months, and made so many great friends along the way. Moving to London also intimidated and terrified me originally, but it turned out to be one of the most influential stages in my life. I learnt so much while living there and really began to gain some momentum as a music artist. All these decisions (and many more) probably would never have taken place if it was left up to me.

You can check out his latest release below.

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