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  • Rose Shannonn

5 Things That Inspire Me w/ Hoosh

Since the release of his highly-praised track 'Missed Takes', things have really been moving for emerging artist, Hoosh. With the likes of Link Up TV, Vents Magazine, Music Crowns and many more shouting his praises, things are really beginning to shine for the frontman.

With there being so much momentum over Hoosh, we sat down with him to find out what has been the biggest inspirations to him personally.


I get emotional thinking of my family members and the extent to which they made sacrifices for my well being. The older I get, the more I realize how blessed I am to have this support system. Even though I choose a lot of untraditional routes that challenge the cultural and societal norms I came up in, my family continues to show unwavering support in all my endeavors. Everything I do now is to make them proud. 


It’s got to be that chest feeling for me. It’s almost the same as how you feel perceptually before you encounter something elating, or on the more unfortunate side, something daunting. That feeling and those goosebumps are what inspires me. The moment you find an artist you can truly relate to, everything instantly changes. Being able to let go and fully dive into the reenactment of someone's experiences is priceless. That’s when music is in its strongest form. 

Health and Wellness. 

I am truly fascinated by the search for optimal health. Growing up, I battled a list of mental health issues I could never wrap my head around. I thought it was normal to have drastic fits of anxiety and depression. It wasn’t until I was in college and at the height of my mental health complications that I started to tie in my lifestyle to how I was feeling. I started learning more about how nutrition and physical activity directly impacted emotional stability and energy. Once I started seeing results I was hooked. 


I can’t put into words how proud I am to be Sudanese. From unrivalled hospitality to exemplary work ethic, the land and its people have had a profound impact on me. Sudan taught me the importance of family, honesty, and bravery. I will forever strive to help cement its name in the world music scene. 


Ever since I was a toddler, I’ve been fascinated by greatness and those who achieve it. One of my foundational beliefs is that through a force we cannot see, all living things on this earth are connected. That being said, it is important for me to connect and collaborate with others, and learn from them where it’s possible.


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