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5 Things That Inspire Me w/ KISA

KISA is known to many as an artist who isn't afraid to tackle taboo subjects whilst using her smooth, silky vocals to show listeners that she can bring more to the table than predicted. In her latest release 'Fools Gold' the young singer/songwriter delves deep into the creative journey and produces a narrative all around not missing out on how beautiful the creative process can be.

Having spent the summer releasing music that melts anyones troubles away, KISA is a rising star and we wanted to sit down with her and discuss the five things that inspire her.

1) Mental Growth. More specifically, I get extremely inspired when I am surrounded by people that want to keep growing mentally. There is always more to learn about ourselves. Always a way to better our own lives. Always a moment to stop and be grateful for different things. So, to be surrounded by people who are also eager to explore their minds and imaginations, pushes me forward. I love growing with people. Success does not have to be alone. I love moving towards success, whatever that may be, with the people I love. There is room for everyone.

2) My mother. She inspires me because she leads by example. My mother escaped the Soviet Union and came to the United States, a single mother at age 19. She has been working to create the life she dreamed of ever since. She has strength beyond words, and believes in me more than anyone in my life. She inspires me to be myself in everything I do and put my heart into it. I am grateful to have such a role model in my life.

3) Dance. Movement is my therapy. It pushes my dreams forward because it lets me take care of my mind. I feel the most myself when I am dancing. We are such complex beings that feel so much more than we can express with language. Language is limiting in my eyes. That is why I dance, communicate through melodies, and instruments. It’s the feelings that we cannot describe with words, while listening to music, that inspires me to keep writing. I want to keep making people feel things.

4) Day-dreaming. So, I love to day-dream. If you ask anyone in my life how much I “zone out”, they will laugh and say all the time. I love to envision my future in a very generic way. I am still learning and growing as an artist. I am not set on what “success” means to me, however, I do know what happiness means. So, envisioning my future with happiness inspires me in my current moment. No matter what happens, the most important thing is to be happy. I can dream about stage lights and my music touching so many lives, but what matters is that I am happy within my own mind and create from my heart. That is the best day-dream.

5) Poetry. Reading and writing poetry inspires me to think about life in an abstract way. Sometimes I have feelings that I cannot express with words. Poetry can connect to people in such different ways. It is a way to put life in a new and unique perspective. Any new way of thinking inspires me because it is outside of the norm. I love phrases and lyrics that make us think.

You can listen to her latest track 'Fools Gold' below.

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