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  • Rose Shannonn

5 Things That Inspire Me w/ Lani Rose

Since the release of his single 'Colors We Made', rapper Lani Rose has received huge amounts of love for his bright and diverse flows. ‘Colors We Made’ is an acoustic ballad from the new EP 'Permanent Beta' that finds Lani looking inward for growth and understanding amongst the immersive instrumentation and elegantly layered guitar melodies. And with so much hype behind the track, we wanted to know what inspired his sound. So we asked what five things inspired him. Find out below:

1. Different people's potential in life. Everyone has the capacity for amazing things and it inspires me seeing people live up/exceeding their own expectations

2. When people listen to others and actually care for them to help that person(or people) flourish. Regardless of what individual "A" thinks individual "b" needs (WHICH THEY MAY BE VERY RIGHT). When Individual "A" listens and atones for Individual "B" needs, it sparks a light in my heart.

3. Something about hearing pain that sounds beautiful pulls all my strings.

4. The grind of different artists is an inspiration to me. Russ, Nipsey, and Drake are just a few of the many many hustling artists out there. They really remind me that I got my back and will always have my back.

5. My future kids, I don't have any kids yet but I definitely want a minimum of 2. There's just something beautiful to raising children to be smart, emotionally, and physically healthy and ready to make a positive impact.



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