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5 Things That Inspire Me w/ Dyli

Following the release of her track, 'Cotton Candy', we caught up with the super talented singer, Dyli and asked her about the five things that inspired her. Here's what she had to say below:

1:  Working in the service industry is actually more inspiring than one may believe. It really pushes me to do bigger and better things in my music career, because I do NOT want to be a server for the rest of my life. (no shame ;) I just know it's not for me.

2: People who don't like me (or people I don't like lol). When there are people who pray on your downfall, you either break or build. I have chosen to turn the hate into motivation. It's successor die.

3: Growing up in a city like Stockton, I've seen a lot of people get lost in the lack of creativity available. I love my city and there are many special things about it. I never want to settle for average, and I want to add to some of the cool shit that’s come from here. 

4: Influence is another huge inspiration for me. There are so many things in this world that mean so much to me. Being able to share that with others, and influence people who might need it is a huge goal of mine.  

5: Last but not least, my family. My parents and sister are the most important people to me and no matter what happens they truly never let me give up. As cliché as it may sound, they are my foundation. I'd sell my soul to the devil to make sure I can give back as much as they have given to me. 

Make sure to listen to Dyli's latest track, 'Cotton Candy' below:

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