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5 Things That Inspire Me w/ Josefine

LA-based pop artist Josefine, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, has released her latest single "Dreamin'". Produced by Martin Renée (Meghan Trainor, H.E.R, Snoop Dogg, J Balvin and Madcon), "Dreamin'" is an enchanting and infectious pop anthem that is sure to get you on your feet within seconds. Having studied at the prestigious Rytmus Music High School in Stockholm, Josefine shares alumni status with numerous global pop icons including Robyn, Tove Lo, and Icona Pop. With her la

We caught up with Josefine earlier this week to discuss the 5 things that inspire her the most...

Change of environment

This is a big one for me. Traveling to new places, trying new food and learn about other cultures is such a great gift I give myself. I become a much better person while not only focusing on myself but always curious about learning. My creativity feeds off of new experiences.

Get back to nature

I grew up with nature right outside our front door, wild life, four seasons and a vegetable garden. Fresh air, hearing nothing but the trees blowing in the wind and ground myself is such an important part of who I am and such a huge inspiration in the way it lets me think, clear my head and gain energy for my work and life.

Switch things up

I don’t like when I get into a static routine where everything is following a set schedule. I have to mix things up, throw in some unknowns and keep things interesting. For example some people people can eat the same food for dinner every single night for weeks, others can have the furniture in the same spot their whole life, I simply cannot. I find inspiration in changing things up sometimes. Anything from food to clothes, hairstyles to music in my ears. It makes life much more fun!

Great performers

Watching a great performance online, or go to a live concerts is something that give me so much inspiration. Even watching someone perform in a 3min YouTube clip can change my whole mood. Music can capture me like nothing else can, inspire me to write about what matters to me and follow my own voice. To me, music is what brings out my emotions and truly changes me.

Move inwards

It’s very important for me to not always focus on the outer factors in order to feel inspired or happy. I need to sometimes unwind, look inwards to recharge. Meditation is something I am really interesting in. Also moving my body, listen to my body and turn off electronics. I want to make sure I listen more to myself moving forward instead of letting outside influences dictate how I make music or how I am as a person. It has helped me understand what is really important in my life. It also lets me feel and understand the “why” to why I am making music.

You can check out Josefine's latest single "Dreamin'" below:

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