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5 Things That Inspire Me w/ Nghtfall

After sharing their brilliant new single 'Alone' earlier this month, we simply can't get enough of the Nghtfall sound. Filled with diverse and interesting aesthetics throughout, their direction is a wonderfully bold and vibrant one that we felt deserved exploring a lot more.

So to find out where the creative juices are coming from, we sat them down to find out what five things have been inspiring their music of late.


Other Music

Lately I’ve been hugely inspired by old emo music from my childhood like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. They were always inspirations and favourite artists of mine, but something about quarantine really made me start going back and listening to that stuff super often again. I’ve also been getting really into newer indie stuff like Phoebe Bridgers. I think you can definitely hear all their influence on “Alone”.

Life Experiences

I’d say it’s probably obvious that my music is inspired by my experiences. Especially recently with the isolation of the pandemic I find myself writing a lot about my current feelings, I mean that’s really what Alone is about! However I’m no stranger to digging into my past or my imagination and writing about things I find there. I guess the majority of my songs aren’t really about one specific event and more a collection of similar moments and feelings.


I am a huge film fan and that definitely has an impact on my work. I remember watching Lady Bird for the first time and it totally rocking my world. I actually wrote a lot of songs while watching scenes from that movie with the sound off. I don’t really write about what happens in movies but I do soak up the vibes if that makes sense. Like trying to write a song that gives off the same feeling that a certain part of a movie gave me.


This is probably cliche but I feel like once I started reading poetry it really started to impact my lyrics. My absolute favourite poetry writer right now is Savannah Brown. I feel like her work connects with me on such a deep and emotional level, like our brains work the same way or something. Honestly just reading her stuff and seeing what she can do with just words on a page makes my lyrics better by osmosis.

My Friends

I have a lot of musician friends that endlessly inspire me. Through the magic of the internet I’ve actually met more fellow artists during the pandemic than I normally would have. Julio. though is someone I’ve worked with since 2018 and I feel like ever since we’ve just constantly pushed each other to improve as artists, which I love so much. One of the best people I’ve met recently is Thorington, who actually played bass and some extra guitar on “Alone”. He’s such a talented multi-instrumentalist and working with him and becoming friends has been incredibly inspiring. Also I recently finished working on a project with the artist Mothshonor which has been very cool because he makes full on hyperpop, so that’s been great to get out of my comfort zone and do something in such a different sound.


Listen to Nghtfall's latest single 'Alone' below.

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