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5 Things That Inspire Me w/ SPLENDORE

Having just returned with his brilliant new single 'There's nothing of you anymore' and his new EP 'OMG, am I really feeling these feelings I’m feeling right now?' set to arrive later this month, Italian producer and DJ SPLENDORE is looking set to become one of the most captivating and interesting names emerging on the new music scene right now.

So with such a diverse and eclectic sound, we wanted to know what has inspired him in his ventures of late.


The Seaside

I usually work during the summer. Due to the coronavirus I lost my first job, so for the first time in a decade I could spend 20 days on the seaside. I left the city and its pandemic anxiety to go with a couple of friends in a lost village in Sardigna, Italy. I just took a microphone and my laptop with me. One day looking at the windy sea from our place, I wrote and recorded ‘There’s nothing of you anymore’.

Ambient Music

There’s no ambient music in this EP, but it’s the genre I love the most. Ambient music heals me, keeping me calm and in a good place. This is essential when you’re not making music, when you’re stuck, when you want to quit: a basic Thursday in my studio. I have my collection of ambient music vinyls and they just walk me somewhere else. My fav right now is a classic cult: Green by Hiroshi Yoshimura.


If being an artist is all about alcohol, drugs, sex, probably I took the wrong turn somewhere in the past. Yes, I have my rockstar moments, but I know my limits now. Two years ago I started to see a psychotherapist. Best money spent in my life (ok, I have bought these shoes too… it’s a tough decision). Psychotherapy is all about acceptance, that’s the most important thing for any artist I guess. We need to talk more about depression in the music business.

The Body

It’s a process. When you have to reconnect with yourself, you have to start with your body, Are you sure to know every side of your body? Every scar, every line, every freckle? And if you know that, are you able to close your eye and recall any feelings your body can experience? So one day I just started to touch and study my still body. Then my body in movement. Then other bodies in movement. The performers, the contemporary dancers. And I discovered worlds of meaning.

Charli XCX

My No.1 angel. That’s what I mean when I talk about futuristic pop music. Energy, freedom, empowerment. She has opened a path in my forest of thoughts. I interviewed Charli last year in Milan for a magazine, so one step forward in our friendship: Charli, if you’re reading, we could be amazing friends, I'm a loyal fragile creature.


Listen to SPLENDORE's new single 'There's nothing of you anymore' below.

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