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5 Things That Inspire Us w/ TREZR

Earlier this month, Dallas-based trio TREZR released their incredible debut single 'Cold' to the world. With its rich and uplifting pop sound throughout, it instantly made an impact with us and has since spelled huge promise for the emerging group.

So we decided to find out what has been their most influential moments over the last few years as we find out what has inspired TREZR.



Colours--like music--are diverse and harmonious. In our writing, we strive to give the listener a feeling of hearing a vast array of colors, portraying different shades of emotions. Our singer Trey has synesthesia and utilizes this gift to write melodies that represent the colours that he envisions.

Other Artists

Of course, we are inspired by all the leading artists in the industry. However, we are also deeply inspired by emerging artists in our local scene. It’s sort of like a friendly competition. We are always trading ideas and learning from others. This continual exchange of inspiration is one of the greatest parts about being a musician.

Life Experiences

Life is full of ups and downs, and we’ve found that the best way to cope with our experiences is through music. Whether it’s history repeating itself or something totally crazy happening out of the blue, there’s always something new to write about. We are motivated to write about our struggles, triumphs, etc. because we know that other people can relate and won’t feel alone after hearing our song.

Movies and Stories

Movies and narratives are a great way to find inspiration for songs, videos, and even social

media captions. It’s really fun to take one form of art like film and see how we can transform it into our own field of art: music.

Our Fans

Our fans are probably the best inspiration there is. Whatever we are going through, they are

always supportive and cheering us on. When we are having doubts or insecurities, they are there for us and remind us of why we do what we do every day.


TREZR's new single 'Cold' is out now. Listen to it below.


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