• Ami Row

A Retro-Meets-2021 Electro Gem From UK Talent Cholly

Cholly’s new song is part of an extensive EP set to be released come November. The artwork of the song already paves the audience into a universe that can only be seen through the television she holds in her hand. The depiction of green and her staring right through the poster defines artists like her and the intensity of thought that goes into their visuals that inevitably represent what their art will put forward.

The artist describes the inspiration embedded within Friday nights – a retro ’90s infused with current day pop – that shapes her worldview when it comes to the song her vocals are placed on. Cholly’s voice unapologetically delves into her own anxieties behind a distorted production – summing up majorly the inspiration behind the song. She describes the song to be an homage to reclaiming her experiences on Friday nights where gloominess often ends up defining the majority of her emotions. Overall, the song experiments with electronic and organic sounds that are often foreign for new-coming artists in the current music generation. This experimentation is precisely why Cholly’s song stands out as a Friday night on its own – fast-paced, distorted, and flashy. When the track closes to its duration, to the listener it has made an impact enough to teleport them somewhere new – possibly a retro Friday night.

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