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a_shes to Release Alt-Pop Anthem "glory days" 10/13

Alternative pop artist a_shes is back with his latest single, “glory days,” set for release on October 13th. The track is a simultaneously melancholic and euphoric exploration of the fleetingness of youth, told through the melodic lens of synthpop. With smooth vocals, samples, and building drum beats that crescendo into an infectious chorus, a_shes’ letter to his childhood self takes the listener on a journey through the turbulent emotions of realizing that you have grown far from who you were as a child. Layered lines in the bridge meld with synth pads in the vein of Lorde or Troye Sivan. “Don’t know if I’m ready for this story to start/, but I’ll keep all our dreams until death do we part,” he sings.

a_shes is a Malaysian-Bornean artist based in the UK between London and Cambridge. Through his songwriting and composition, he transports his audience back to the early 2010s, calling upon the music of the indie scene that circulated in Tumblr at the time. The sound is instantly recognizable, and wildly nostalgic. With tracks that confront the turbulence of navigating young adulthood, he has positioned himself to connect with this audience even more intimately. Former releases have been praised by the likes of Earmilk.

Described as a, “breakup song mourning your childhood innocence as you transition into becoming a hardened adult ,” the track was the first penned for a_shes’ upcoming debut album. “I started tinkering with the production a while back, taking chords from songs I was listening to at the time and experimenting with the structure,” he shared. After a few revisions, the theme was solidified as a cinematic anthem for those afraid of leaving behind their past for the unknown.

It is the perfect track to play late at night or on rainy car rides, during moments of triumph or times of anxiety. As a_shes comforts his former self, the listener too feels a sense of peace in their unwritten future.

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