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Alan Getto captures a wondrous atmosphere on new EP 'Songs From A Farmhouse'

Ever since he first emerged with his highly-praised debut EP 'All Different Times' in 2015, Pittsburgh-based singer-songwriter Alan Getto has been seen as one of the more heartfelt names doing the rounds right now. Cementing his legacy with his impactful debut album 'Versus' in recent years, he is now looking to continue his soaring ascent with the dreamy new EP 'Songs From A Farmhouse'.

Inspired by the rustic folk music of the US rust belt, taking cues from the likes of Andrew Bird and Sufjan Stevens as he goes, 'Songs From A Farmhouse' instantly hits with a beautifully calm and poetic atmosphere. Cranking the charm and wistful energy as high as it will go throughout, his latest five-track collection makes for a wonderfully warm and inviting listen that heightens his already immersive nature.

While he has certainly brought a much-needed dose of elegance to the euphoric folk scene in recent years, 'Songs From A Farmhouse' stands as one of his most confident and assured efforts to date. Rarely faltering or falling short of vibrancy, he continues to set the tone for almost every other emerging artist in his field right now.

Enjoy 'Songs From A Farmhouse' below.



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