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Alex Forte Stands Tall In Liberating New Single ‘BLACK’

Hailing from Cleveland, OH, the rising artist Alex Forte grew up with an immense passion for Hip-Hop. Today, he is renowned as a triple threat in writing, rapping, and producing music. Here's everything you need to know about his new single!

The single is called 'BLACK' and is now available on all streaming platforms. The single comes as Alex Forte continues his impressive journey.

Alex’s take on Hip-Hop combines soul-based melodies with Midwest-style rhymes and flow makes him such a diversely upcoming talent.

The track builds towards a heavy hitting chorus, bursting with pure passion and fire which is provoked through Alex’s vocal delivery and the sense of fulfillment that you feel through the beat.

Check it out right here;

Alex had this to say about his new single,

“BLACK is a song about the faith of the young, black and gifted in America. Staying true to their power, liberating themselves from the fear of failure, and trusting God will guide my steps to a better life. BLACK represents hope, prosperity and uncomfortable truths while being BLACK in America.”

You can follow Alex Forte on social media here - FACEBOOK / INSTRAGRAM


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