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Alexnder Luna gets creative on vibrant project ‘NIGHT MOVES 2’

Blending a flurry of intoxicating sounds, from Funk and Dance to Electro-pop, Jazz and Hip Hop, Alexnder Luna’s sound is one you don’t forget easily. His latest EP ‘NIGHT MOVES 2’ takes us on a journey of sonic expertise, as the talent shows off his skills as an accomplished artist and producer, and keeps us guessing throughout. With a range of vibes interwoven throughout the EP, there really is a track for everybody to enjoy.

Alexnder Luna reveals, “I really want to create art that people can get lost in. Whether that be dancing or crying. I want to be known as the main artist rather than just a producer for a song. A big inspiration for that would be someone like Kaytranada. While accomplishing that I also hope to continue scoring films, acting, and directing music videos. Do what you love!”

Carefully crafting his sound over the years, Luna has made a triumphant return with the sequel to his ‘Night Moves’ EP series. Throughout the Night Moves Era, the audience follows a down on his luck character on his journey to find a lost friend. Each music video is treated as a chapter in a movie. With cinematic visuals and a whole lot of variety, Alexnder Luna’s ‘NIGHT MOVES 2’ is an unmissable collection of tracks.

Listen here:


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