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Alfreda presents her masterclass in chic-pop elegance in new single 'Guest Room'

Following the success of her previous singles ‘Nude’ and ‘Lipstick,’ Alfreda, the innovative singer-songwriter, returns with ‘Guest Room,’ a track that delves into the complexities of rejection and emotional turbulence. With roots in her signature chic-pop style, this single merges witty lyrical content with old-school Hollywood glamour, solidifying Alfreda’s place in the art-pop genre.

‘Guest Room’ begins with luxurious piano chords that set a sophisticated tone. Alfreda’s voice, both haunting and mesmerising, draws listeners into a narrative that juxtaposes youthful romantic idealism with the stark reality of rejection. The track’s production is a masterful blend of bluesy undertones and avant-garde pop, creating a push-and-pull dynamic that echoes the emotional theme of the song.

The lyrics of ‘Guest Room’ offer a poignant exploration of rejection. Alfreda narrates a personal experience, transforming it into a universal story of unfulfilled expectations and emotional upheaval. She reflects on a weekend with her first boyfriend’s family, where the seemingly minor act of being placed in a separate room becomes a symbol of deeper feelings of neglect and abandonment.

“I remembered the time I was spending the weekend with my first boyfriend's family. It would be the first time I'd spent a night with him, so I was expecting to be sharing a bed and using the time to get closer. But upon arrival, I was put in a separate room, and I took great offense. The rejection I felt was certainly disproportionate for the situation, but it taps into a deep place of neglect and a feeling of abandonment. I had a lot of emotions and wasn't sure how to control them.”

‘Guest Room,’ along with ‘Nude’ and ‘Lipstick,’ showcases Alfreda’s ability to blend femininity, self-awareness, playfulness, and sexuality into her music. These elements create a cohesive artistic vision that resonates deeply with her audience. The anticipation for Alfreda’s upcoming EP, Mothers Makeup, is building, especially with the unique promotional ‘Bedroom Tour’ set to take place across England.

Stream "Guest Room' now:


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