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an error occurred releases experimental EDM EP 'phonk_ep.exe'

an error occurred is a highly strung EDM artist who has been quite productive over the last year. Releasing his debut album 'life is probably a simulation' last year, he has quickly followed this up with intoxicating electronic instrumental EP 'phonk_ep.exe'. A further five track exploration into an error occurred's world, he continues his one of a kind approach to his craft.

'hold up' and 'rekt' are both pure examples of why an error occurred is building such a following in the EDM world, with unique tempos and beats that keep you locked in whilst also transcending beyond the norm at the same time. 'rekt' is a fast paced and pulsating almost drum and bass track, and 'hold up' is a more chilled and ambient dosage of electronica. It's clear that an error occurred has something for everyone to enjoy, as you delve into this dynamic circle of tracks that will keep you hooked and guessing all at once.

Listen to 'phonk_ep.exe' in full here:


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