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Anaté Shines On Her Brilliant New Single ‘Flow’

As an artist that has always looked to showcase the smoother and more soulful elements of the trip-hop sound in recent months, Berlin-based artist Anaté is now back to do it all again as she shares her spellbinding new release ‘Flow’.

Stripping back the conventional approach to production, ‘Flow’ is a warm and embracing cut that never looks show-off or clutter itself. Produced by regular collaborator Andrea, it is this broad and atmospheric direction that offers up a far more vibrant and enticing sound than we usually get out of this genre.

Talking about the new single, she said, "I was just jamming on the piano when I came up with the pattern and the melody. I remember being so excited about it that I texted Andrea saying ‘hey stop doing what you are doing, I just wrote something super cool omg listen to this!!’. The lyrics were then written quite easily: the beat gave me the feeling of freedom, so the song talks about embracing who you are, exploring your creativity and just let it flow, just put it out there. Love who you are and celebrate that every day in every single way"

“Flow comes from Ana basically done with structure, piano pattern and lyrics. I layered the arrangement on top of that, trying to keep it simple to give space to Ana’s voice. I had an ‘omg moment’ as well when I wrote the acoustic guitar fingerpicked pattern, because it completes the piano part so well.”

Anaté’s new single ‘Flow’ is available to stream now. Have a listen to it below.


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