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  • Ellie McGuire

Andre Unknown Presents New Single 'Time to Go'

Hailing from Rio de Janeiro and based in New York, Andre Unknown, a keyboard player, singer, and designer, uses a self-made app, diverse collaborators, and a self-produced process to create unique music. He returns with his latest offering ‘Time to Go’.

‘Time to Go’ is a genre-blending alternative-pop, indie-pop, indie-rock, and indie-electronica release. The single captivates Andre Unknown’s audience with his versatility in vocals and production.

‘Time to Go’ with its hypnotic bassline and gritty chorus of "it's the same old shit, it's the same old shit," is an uncompromising look at the cyclical nature of life's challenges. The irony of searching for novelty only to become entangled in the same problems and emotional environments we wished to avoid is depicted in the song. It acts as a musical mirror, noting the irritating consistency of some life situations while also expressing our shared yearning for change. The song speaks to anybody who has ever imagined that a change in surroundings would lead to a change in themselves, only to find that while things may change, the storyline stays the same. This is especially relevant in the current environment of unending uncertainty.

He is excited about this release, showcasing his natural ability and personal development in the music business. Andre Unknown’s collection showcases his creative and free-spirited attitude, and his unparalleled talent enables him to move fluidly between many genres.



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