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  • Alice Smith

Apollo Brown & Planet Asia Release Latest Single 'Peas & Onions' Taken From New Album 'Sardines'

Prolific Detroit beatmaker Apollo Brown and Fresno Rap veteran Planet Asia’s new track “Peas & Onions,” the latest single from their masterful new album Sardines. A follow-up to the duo’s widely-beloved 2017 collaborative album “Anchovies”, the duo only seems to be improving and refining their minimalist, grimy Hip-Hop theme, with a fine-tuned execution.

Sticking to the ‘foody’ theme throughout their joint discography, “Anchovies” was given its title due to the dirty guttural nature of the record. It can only seem that “Sardines” bounces off this idea, with ‘Peas & Onions’ hinting that the two are looking for bigger musical fish to fry. Apollo said about the album-naming, “With the second offering, appropriately titled, “Sardines”. And just like a can of Anchovies isn’t for everyone, the same can be said about a tin full of Sardines. You either love’em or you hate’em. This album had to be done, and in my opinion, done better than the first. Dirt, grit, mud, sticks & stones, all that. Leave your boots on.”

The level of mutual love between Apollo Brown and Planet Asia is clear in their music’s harmonious spirit: “Everybody knows that as an emcee, Planet Asia is not only one of the best to do it but one of MY personal favourites to adorn the mic. That being said, we just HAD to follow up the cult-like showing of “Anchovies,” states Apollo. Planet Asia concludes, “This time around was definitely one of the best sophomores from any duo. Not too many times you can get a producer and a rapper to make lightning strike twice!!”

And lightning it seems they’ve made, as ‘Peas & Onions’ is already marked as a brilliant lyrical and rhythmic standout from the two. An earbug, that stands as a testament to their ever-improving, always-perfecting style.



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