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Ari Abdul continues her rise with 'Stay'

Ari Abdul is amongst the new wave of artists breaking through. Garnering a big following on TikTok alone with over 50 million likes and 250k followers, she has used this platform to share her music intimately with her now active audience. Her debut single 'BABYDOLL' exploded and has already got millions of streams on Spotify alone, and brings her captivating modern day pop to the fore.

Her sophomore single 'Stay' is in a similar vein, with a real ethereal and otherworldly feel to it in the polished production. Full of reverb drenched backing vocals and catchy melodies and grooves that stick, Abdul has certainly found her sound early in what is already a masterful offering in what is only her second release. Look out for this viral sensation, as she will no doubt be following in the footsteps of the modern day pop greats.

Listen to 'Stay' here:


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