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  • Paul Riley

Arliston Unveil Highly Anticipated New EP Even In The Shade

Arliston are back! The London-based indie duo have been going from strength to strength over the past few years after several top-quality releases, and their brand-new EP, Even In The Shade, which is released today, is no different. The project follows previous EP The Ground Might Disappear, which was released back in January, and they continue from where they left off but with a newer, lighter and more refined sound.

The project has already delivered the masterpieces that are “Mothering” and “Hold My Wine” and now we get “Tombstone Teeth”, “Sydenham Place” and “TV Dinner”, which are all just as strong as you would expect and have that beautiful mellow texture that has been working so well for Arliston over the last few months.

Speaking further on the EP, George Hasbury (guitar/keyboards) explains: “We had just lost our drummer, amicably, so we were a little adrift as we started making this EP. The first song we wrote was ‘Mothering’, which was sort of inherently smaller without a drummer’s presence. But it still felt good and like Arliston, and after that the rest of the songs quickly emerged.”

Even In The Shade is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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