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Asha confronts fickle relationships on 'Hard S**t'

Ever since she first emerged, LA-based artist Asha has always been one to speak her mind within her music. Adopting a wonderfully refreshing approach to her songwriting at every turn, she is looking to tackle more of those unspoken moments in love and romance on her latest offering 'Hard S**t'.

Lifted from her forthcoming new album 'Magic', which is expected to be released in the near future, 'Hard S**t' is a wonderfully fun and uplifting effort despite its more cynical lyrics layered throughout. Confronting the idea that people tend to give up on relationships as soon as they get into trouble, she removes all the sorrow and heartbreak from this concept to unleash a bold and bouncing alt-pop gem, filled with a tenacious energy from start to finish.

Given her repertoire to date, the message within 'Hard S**t' should come as no surprise to those that have closely followed her up until now, but for those just discovering Asha, it makes for a rousing introduction to her sound as an artist. Brimming with a charming persona and infectious hooks throughout, be ready to be chanting this one out long after you've first heard it.

Enjoy 'Hard S**t' below.

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