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ATYYA shares his EDM fountain of knowledge with The Producers Portal

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

ATYYA is a real veteran and household name in the EDM world. After 15 years of releasing his unique brand of electronic music, the multi-faceted producer has decided to take more matters into his own hands. The 10 million+ streamed Spotify artist has created a handbook for emerging producers called 'The Producers Portal', an all encompassing guide on how he managed to tour round Europe extensively and make a successful career out of music production.

An art which is so heavily studied, it seems as if ATYYA has formed something truly one of a kind, breaking the whole process of production down step-by-step, with additional advice on how to book international shows, and break down that streaming barrier that a lot of independent artists and producers experience. If you're looking to get into production and don't have a clue where to start, The Producers Portal looks like the perfect way to get ahead in the game.

Watch the promotional video below:

Head over to now to grab a copy:

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