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  • Alice Smith

Beldon Haigh's New Single 'One Way Holiday' Takes You on a Musical Journey

We are in for a treat as Beldon Haigh, the talented Scottish musical act, returned with "One Way Holiday". It features Jimmy Green and Beldon Haigh on guitars, Kevin Jefferies on bass, Jon Howells on drums and percussion and Dru Baker on keyboards. This captivating three-minute pop song promises to whisk you away to a world of enchantment and introspection as it explores the depths of a short yet profound relationship. As we transition from our summer getaways, "One Way Holiday" aims to rekindle those special memories of magical times spent on vacation, making it the perfect soundtrack for the season.

The song begins with an atmospheric baritone guitar riff that instantly transports the listener to a mystical far-off land. The verses are subtle, filled with questions and intrigue, gradually building up to a soaring chorus – a trademark of Beldon Haigh's musical prowess. The song's arrangement and composition reflect their commitment to creating music that tells stories and resonates with listeners on a deep emotional level. To complement this enchanting track, Beldon Haigh has crafted an extraordinary music video that showcases imagery from some of the world's most stunning holiday destinations. As you listen to "One Way Holiday", you'll find yourself visually immersed in the beauty of these places, remembering cherished memories of past vacations.

Watch below:


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