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Ben Alexander channels a strong 80s vibe on new single 'Rush'

Ever since he first emerged, Norwegian producer Ben Alexander has always looked for ways to stand out from the crowd. Rather than tread a more conventional and predictable path, he has sought inspiration from a variety of influences, leading to some wonderfully diverse outings over the years. And now returning for 2023, he delivers the 80s-inspired gem 'Rush'.

Recorded in Milan, Italy alongside Italo-Venezuelan singer and songwriter Arya Delgado, 'Rush' is a beautifully rich and dazzling return to form for the producer. Harnessing some wonderfully fresh and enchanting ideals that could have well been lifted from Alexander O'Neill's back catalogue, this glossy new delight makes for a wonderfully well-rounded and enjoyable romp from start to finish.

While the nostalgic edge certainly gives 'Rush' a familiar feel, there is still this thread of unique invention running throughout, giving it a warm and inviting nature as well. The track comes off the back of an extremely busy period in his career to date, but he still shows no sign of slowing anytime soon.

Enjoy 'Rush' below.



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