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Bertie Newman unleashes his soft and inviting brand of indie-folk in 'Home'

It's clear that Bernie Newman is an artist who is way beyond his years. The 22 year old singer-songwriter concocts sumptuous nuances of indie, folk and synth pop that results in a captivating sonic experience from start to finish. His new EP 'Thoughts So Loud' has just been released, with the stunning and vulnerable lead single 'Home'.

Starting with his commanding vocal and guitar which has seen him rise to such prominence over recent years, the song ebbs and flows with ease with an underlying seriousness. He was diagnosed with ADHD last year, and has since been showing such maturity in reflecting upon this life changing news with his natural affinity for songwriting. 'Home' builds throughout and crescendos with a beautiful and soul-stirring chorus with a whirling synthesiser in the background which feels like it all coming to a head for Newman.

“‘Home’ is really a throwback to how I felt really anxious about my current relationship when it first started to manifest. I felt as if a mirror had been placed directly in front of me and everything that was good and bad about myself was being revealed. It is also, most importantly about how when you find a place of peace, then you gravitate towards it, no matter what that place is for you."

Brilliantly executed once more, 'Home' is an anecdote for others that you can see the best and worse of yourselves but that's OK, in this bittersweet and serendipitous release. Check it out now.

Stream 'Home' here:


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